I decorated my house, and the result seemed to be a success. You would be mistaken in thinking that I was a coward and that I decorate my house out of pure cowardice.

My house is as well protected as it is possible on this earth ; of course someone can break in and destroy everything completely. I know that very well, and even today, at the apogee of my life, I do not have one minute of real tranquility : I am  mortal, and in my dreams I often see a muzzle that does not cease to avidly sniff about.

Caution requires that we risk our life

I live at peace in the heart of my abode, and during this time, somewhere, the enemy slowly and quietly digs everything as they get ever closer to me ; maybe they ignore me as much as I ignore them, but there are relentless enemies who blindly dig. Obviously, I have the advantage of being at home, to know perfectly all my corridors and their orientation. The bandit could very well become my victim. But I am getting old, there are many stronger than I, and my enemies are innumerable ; in trying to escape one, I could fall into the clutches of another. And it is not only exterior enemies who threaten me. There are also some in the interior of the earth. I have not yet seen them, but they are in the legends and I firmly believe in their existence. They are some underground spirits. They are coming, you can hear their nails scratching just below you ; at this point we are already lost.